Fundraiser for Educational School Trip

Oakland Heights Elementary School wants to send its fifth graders on an educational trip to the nation's capitol.

And the school will have a big fundraiser Nov. 3 to raise money for the trip.

It will have a yard sale and bake sale at the Boys and Girls Club on 45th Avenue.

Students will see The White House, monuments in downtown Washington, visit Arlington Cemetery and the homes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

"It's something that we've done over the last five years," said principal, Barbara Young. "We enjoy doing it. But we have some kids that we do scholarships for, just kind of make it easier for their parents. So the kids that participate in the fundraisers, those funds go towards their fees."

Students are also selling cases of Coca Cola products for $22 each.

The Oakland Heights fundraiser starts Saturday at
7 a.m. at the Boys and Girls Club. Organizers say they plan to stay until people stop coming.