Fundraiser to Bring "Pep Up to Step Up" to D.C.

A local kids' dance group hosted a fundraiser in Meridian today to help pay their way for a special trip.

The kids from "Pep Up to Step Up" were asked to perform at a church in Washington D.C. The group is raising money to pay for gas and food to reach their destination. Organizers sold barbeque and sandwiches to reach their $3,000 goal. "Pep Up to Step Up" advisors say making this trip will teach the kids an important lesson.

"The work that you do is not in vain," organizer Janet Moore says. "You're doing very well for someone to want you to go as far as Washington, D.C., so keep up the good work, and let them know that the sky's the limit to whatever you put your mind to."

10 to 15 kids will make the trip up to D.C. "Pep Up to Step Up" aims to keep kids involved in positive activities. The members are very involved in community projects.