Fundraising Enters Home Stretch for United Way

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Meridian, Miss. This year, the United Way of East Mississippi set a lofty goal of one million dollars.

We're now entering the home stretch of the fundraising the organization does every year. Even if United Way doesn't reach the goal in dollar amount, it hopes to reach more people than it has in the past. The theme this year is ‘Be a Hero’ and United Way hopes to help create a lot of heroes in our community. You would be a community hero because the money the United Way raises goes right back into the community to help our own neighbors.

"In a nut shell, United Way is there to help fund the non profit agencies in our community that provide so many services and programs on a daily basis," Sara Odom explains. "These are those organizations like Love's Kitchen, the Care Lodge, Salvation Army, and the Boys and Girls club. The list goes on."

Beyond just helping those who are unable to provide for themselves, the United Way is also committed to helping people get back on their feet to help them become self sufficient so they aren't forced to rely on others.

"That’s probably the biggest challenge for United Way” Odom admits. “We want to be able to help the agencies provide people with those basic services that they need immediately, but we also want to be able to provide our community with a way that these people can become self sufficient, so they don’t have to rely on those services for the rest of there life."

The fundraising deadline is the end of February. To help, you can call the United Way of East Mississippi at 601-693-2732.