Funeral Procession Plans for Specialist Terry Gordon

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Quitman, Miss. Final preparations are being made as Specialist Terry Gordon from Clarke County will be laid to rest Saturday.

The funeral procession will begin leaving Berry and Gardner Funeral Home in Meridian Saturday at 9 a.m. It will then turn on 8th Street and proceed to 23rd Ave. and take Front Street to 22nd Ave. It will continue along 22nd Ave. until it becomes Highway 145.

"Anyone who wants to pay their respects to Specialist Gordon in the city limits of Meridian, we expect to be leaving at straight up 9 o'clock and hope to be out of the city limits on Highway 145 by no later than 9:15," said Eddie Ivy of Clarke County Emergency Management.

The procession will then exit on to Highway 45 and continue until it will take the Clarkco exit of Highway 145 and continue in to the city of Quitman.

"There will be people on site that have flags if someone doesn't have one that can give you a flag so that you can pay your respects in honor of this young man who has given so much for our country," said Ivy.

Organizers expect to reach the city limits of Quitman at about 9:45 a.m., where the procession will turn at the traffic light on East Franklin Street and come into the Quitman High School Auditorium where funeral services will be held. The service at the school is open to the public.

After the service at the high school, the procession will make its way to Campbell Cemetery in Pachuta along Highway 18 West .

"We've had a great outpouring of help from the community from the military community in this part of the state. Everybody's just really coming out to honor this young man and show their respect and their appreciation of this family for the sacrifice that he made for our country," said Ivy.

Major General Augustus Collins, the adjutant general of Mississippi's National Guard, and Mississippi Congressman Gregg Harper are scheduled to attend the service for Specialist Gordon.