Future for Winston County Family Medical Center

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Louisville, Miss. Just nine days ago, the skyline of Louisville changed forever. Many were left homeless, but to make matters worse, the Winston County Family Medical Center took a direct hit. Now many patients have no place to go. That clinic is a satellite of the Greater Meridian Health Clinic, and the CEO says they are still in shock by what happened.

Wilbert Jones said, "It was shock; it was a shock to walk the streets to look at our neighbors. Many of our neighbors and surrounding areas were impacted. Thank goodness we were able to get most of the people out safely after the disaster, but during the disaster though we lost neighbors and patients in that devastation."

GMHC plans to rebuild that clinic as soon as possible, with crews working night and day to get it ready. Jones says the Louisville community will not be abandoned in their time of need.

Jones said, "Many of our staff worked late hours that night after the disaster, assisting them in the recovery effort. It’s going to be a long process. We must stand with the community, and we are there to stay. We are Mississippi strong and we are American strong, so we will be back."

Greater Meridian hopes to open the new Winston clinic in the next 6 to 8 weeks. In the meantime, the staff and patients of the Winston County facility will be sent to surrounding clinics.