Gas Prices Up, Down, Up

Meridian, Miss. With July Fourth approaching, the price of gas seems to be on everyone's mind. And the fact that they fluctuate raises questions too.

The U.S. consumed more than 367 million gallons of gas per day in 2011. And although this country's need for oil is constant, the prices never seem to be.

"Until we find a reliable source for our fuel problem, then yeah, we're going to have to continue using what we have," said J.C. Diaz of Hickory, Miss. "I'm guessing in a couple of years, we're going to be paying five dollars for gas."

But where does that money go? Most said they believe gas prices are excessive for one reason, alone.

"It's basically greed," said Scott Reed of Meridian. "And the more the oil companies make, the more some of the people that are in upper government make. And if you think about it, how many millions of Americans are there? And they raise it a nickel."

The roller coaster of fuel costs is more evident during times like now with holidays approaching.

Some travelers told Newscenter 11 they see gas prices fluctuating from state to state.

Gas prices in Mississippi are generally ranked in the top five cheapest in the country.

"Living in Alabama, working in Alabama, I try to just get enough fuel to get me from Alabama to Mississippi," said David Shirley of Bessemer. "Around the Meridian area and the Jackson area, there's generally the cheapest fuel prices, in my opinion, in the southeast."

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a steady decrease from an average of $3.84 in January to $3.60 for the month of May. But there are no guarantees for next month.