Geiger Doing Well Two Years After Tornado

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Twisted tree tops and vacant lots remind Geiger residents daily of the tornado that roared through the town exactly two years ago. Current City Councilwoman Georgia Campbell, who lost her house, recalls exactly when the tornado hit at 1:52 that afternoon.

"I said 'There's a tornado coming.' My husband said 'Let's go to the church.' I said 'No, I'm going to go down to where my oldest daughter was.' We went down there, and the path of the storm came through there too, so it was very nerve-racking. I was shaking, me and my daughter, and my husband, we went. It's just something I never want to live through, or want anyone to go through. I know what the people are going through from last week's storm."

But along with with the damage, new homes, a carwash, and two churches under construction that replace those lost in the tornado remind the people there that even though times were hard, they made it through. Campbell says they couldn't have come this far without all of the help they received immediately following the storm.

"We thank everybody for what they did for us back in 2011, and we are just so proud. We didn't know that Geiger would get put on the map for a tornado coming through, but it made us stronger and we're trusting the Lord, so we're doing good."

Through the help of the Red Cross, FEMA, and volunteers, Campbell says that Geiger has really bounced back. They held a day of remembrance at the Town Hall on Sunday, and just about everyone has rebuilt.

"We are doing great. The town is progressing. We are trying to do a little stuff. We have had our sewer system put in since the tornado, so we're progressing pretty good."