Geminids Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight!

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The Geminids Meteor Shower is one of the annual meteor shower that almost always delivers, and it peaks tonight (Thursday).

Dark areas away from the glow of city lights could see 100 or more meteors, also called shooting stars or falling stars, per hour.

While a few meteors will be visible during the early evening, the activity will increase after 10 PM. Around 10 PM, watch the northeast sky. Meteors will appear to come from within the constellation Gemini, which will move from northeast toward the north and then toward the northwest by dawn. The new moon phase will be helpful since the moon will not be present to contaminate the sky with light.

Locally a clear sky will allow tonight's celestial show to be easily visible. Best advice is to bundle up, find a dark spot, and lie back on a blanket or trampoline and enjoy.