Ghost Tales of Legend

What may be the most legendary ghost story in Lauderdale County is the account of what happened at Stuckey's Bridge, where a man named Stuckey allegedly killed 20 people traveling down the Chunky River before he was arrested and hung from the same bridge. Legend says you can see his lantern at night crossing the bridge, and fascination with ghost stories lies in something much deeper than the lives of those they're based on.

Dr. Alan Brown, author of the book "Haunted Meridian, Mississippi," tells us, "Well, I think our interest in ghosts lies in our desire to know that there's something after this life. There is a spiritual component to Halloween, and ghosts kind of provide that proof that some people want."

Unlike the tales of ghosts at Stuckey's Bridge where we're not 100-percent sure if those are actually true or not, the tales of hauntings at Rose Hill are based on people who actually lived and now call Rose Hill Cemetery their final resting place.

Anne McKee, a storyteller, explains, "There are tokens that are left on her grave where people hope she will remember them on the other side. So, although she's not spoken to me, and that's okay, I feel like she has spoken to others that come through here just to see her grave."

McKee is talking about the Gypsy Queen who is buried at Rose Hill, and perhaps those who visit her grave have her in their presence unawares.