Gibson Arrest Tough for Abate

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Choctaw County's sheriff says handling the arrest of a county commissioner accused of fraud hasn't exactly been easy.

You will recall Choctaw County Commissioner Mark Gibson turned himself into authorities this past week and is being charged with a felony. Sheriff Tom Abate says it all stems from allegations that Gibson ordered that a county bush hog be sold. However, Abate says once it was sold, the county never received the money.

"It's pretty serious," Abate says. "They're elected officials and they have certain responsibilities and are no different than anyone else. We have to do our job. It's nothing personal at all. Commissioner Gibson's been a great commissioner. I get along with him great. I've never had any problems with him. It's been a hard thing for me to have to do. It will be up to a judge and jury to decide if he's innocent or guilty."

Gibson could face one to ten years behind bars, if found guilty.