Gifted Students Display Art

Gifted students from all Lauderdale County school campuses got to show some of their work to the public Thursday.

The display adorned the lobby of the annex building across from the Lauderdale County Courthouse.

Since funding for the arts is usually limited, the district likes to showcase the creativity of these gifted students whenever possible.

Teachers say expression through art builds skills for life and the workplace.

"A lot of our gifted kids may go on to own their own businesses or they may go on to work in hospitals or (be) attorneys and things like that," said West Lauderdale gifted teacher, Sabrina Dalton. "And this is actually what we feel like is the spark for a lot of their, you know, ingenuity and what's going to be needed in the future."

Programs for gifted students are in place for grades 2-6 at Lauderdale County schools.