Gifted Students Job Shadow, Create Art

Gifted students at Poplar Springs Elementary School have been busy during this school year.

Fifth graders Monday showed off some of their writing and art work, all related to what they have learned this year.

Explore students also job-shadowed some of the leaders in our community.

They even wrote books about their experiences, and presented the books to their mentors.

"They work in small groups. They work independently," said gifted teacher Rhonda Denton. "Things that we do every day in our work and careers. And so they are writing, public speaking, debating. They just learn so many different things that are useful for life."

Among the community leaders were veterinarian, Dr. Misty McNeil, entrepreneur Hartley Peavey, pastor, Dr. Bob Rambo, Mayor Cheri Barry, Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun, and Newscenter 11's Emily Gagnon.