Giving the Gift of Music

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For the second year in row, Mississippi Music is giving musical instruments to children served by Wesley House.

Manager Barry Jones said the store likes to make a difference.

"This year I was thinking of a nice instrument that would be easy to play, a lot of fun," said Jones. "We've donated forty-eight concert ukuleles. And I think the kids here will have a good Christmas and really enjoy them."

Jones says that playing an instrument can help children in a lot of different ways.

"Playing a musical instrument is very important and education teaches you a lot of values," said Jones. "It can lead to playing in the school band, which could lead to possible scholarships and get you through college."

"It's a good learning tool," said Lee Santillano of Mississippi Music. "it's a great way to relieve stress. It's just a wonderful hobby to have."

Ginger Grissom, executive director of Wesley House, says it really makes the kids feel special to receive a gift like an instrument.

"What does it mean to the children? It means somebody really cares, and it means 'I have an opportunity to learn my own musical instrument'," said Grissom.

The value of the instruments exceeds $7,000.