God's Closet Celebrates One Year of Service

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Philadelphia, Miss. This past weekend, the First United Methodist Church in Philadelphia celebrated one year of its God's Closet ministry. It has served those in Neshoba County who need that little bit of extra help during the school year.

The ministry currently has 394 kids from around Neshoba County who it assists in getting to clothes, school uniforms, and school supplies that they need.

Brenda Vowell, co-chair for God’s Closet, says, "We are on a quarterly system. They can come in quarterly and get the quota that each child can get per quarter. Their parents can come in on any Saturday and get clothing for their children that they have not reached their quota."

Since there is no charge for the clothes or school supplies, it is a unique opportunity for the kids to pick out their own clothing without parents telling them it's too expensive, which means the world to the kids.

Mary Blanks, a seamstress for God’s Closet, says, "It gives them the opportunity to come and shop, to have nice school clothes, to feel good about themselves. No one tells them what they have to get; they get to choose, which they really get excited about."

Not only does it mean the world to the kids and the parents whose lives are touched by the kindness of strangers, but also to those who volunteer.

"I don't know how to describe it," Blanks says. "It's what makes us come back and keep doing it, because we realize just how important it is not only to the parents, but the kids get excited. We had one little boy that left one day and turned around and said, 'thank you for being nice to my family'."