Good Morning Meridian Live from the Neshoba County Fair

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Neshoba County, Miss. To get ready for our live on location broadcast from the Neshoba County Fair, we have to be up early, but there's someone up earlier than us, and that's the Vowells in Cabin 206. They've been coming to the fair for over 30 years, although their accommodations have changed a little bit.

"We came back in 1981 and had a camper up in the Northern part of the fairgrounds. We stayed in that camper one year and we decided that were going to get rid of that camper and find us a cabin. We built a cabin up in '82 and stayed in that cabin up on the North side until '98, and then we moved here."

They wake up shortly after 3:00 AM on Meridian Day, and make us the full spread: coffee, breakfast casserole, fried apple pies, muffins, fresh figs, and more. They always help any way they can. You'll find some of the nicest people at the fair in Cabin 206, but they say they do it as a token of appreciation for us.

"All y'all do for Philadelphia and Neshoba County all during the year, it's the least we can do to try and work with y'all. WTOK is just awesome supporting and promoting Philadelphia and Neshoba County."

A Neshoba County Fair veteran, David Vowell encourages everyone who's never made it to the fair, to make it a point to come.

"Tell them it'll be hot. There'll be a lot of good racing, a lot of speaking today and tomorrow, and a lot of porches where they'll be welcome to come sit and take a break."