Good Weather Makes for Great Threefoot Festival

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Nice weather, good food, and of course art prompted many in the area to take part in the annual Three Foot Art Festival.

The beautiful day prompted Kim Kennedy and her friend Bridget Purdy to spend part of their Saturday in downtown Meridian at the Three Foot Art Festival. Kennedy also said it was a great day for the community to gather and show its support for local artists Most of all, Kennedy and Purdy said they had a great time.

"I just enjoy getting to see the local artists, the local musical and dancing artists," Purdy said. "And the local painters, and the good food, and the great weather."

Tan Wilson told Newscenter 11 she and her kids also had a great time at the festival.

"Putting their hand prints on the train," Wilson said. "They've decorated some cookies. They've explored different musical instruments. We've checked out the belly dancers. There's just a lot out here for everyone to do and have a good time. Plus, good food. Got some homemade ice cream."

We also caught up with Mayor Cheri Barry, who also told us the weather and food made for a day filled with fun and fellowship.

Well, I think people see the unity in this community," Barry said. "We've got so many people that are working together. People are bringing their arts and entertainment. The belly dancers were down on state, we've got the story tellers here. There's something available for everybody in Meridian, Mississippi."

"The Meridian Council for the Arts, its goal is to make sure that we are able to present the arts to the community," director Casey Null said. "And so with the things that are going on, that's exactly what we hope everyone is able to take away. And to enjoy the art that we have, enjoy the art vendors."

The Three Foot Art Festival is held on the first Saturday in April each year. Last year, more than 600 children attended. It is hosted by the Meridian Council for the Arts.