Gordon's Lawyer Speaks Out

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Bill Gordon's lawyer tells Newscenter 11 that the Internal Revenue Service, with the help of the FBI, raided Gordon's businesses in town and seized his financial records.

Bill Ready, Sr. says the IRS has been misinformed by someone who is seeking revenge on his client. Ready tells us the IRS has given him very little information about these raids, but says he has no doubt that Gordon has paid all of his taxes. Ready says he and Gordon plan to fight these allegations being made by the IRS.

"Same way anybody does with the internal revenue service," Ready says. "With as much patience and endurance as possible. Because we have to prove. They've let the public believe he has committed some great crime and they don't really care."

The US Attorney's Office says it cannot comment on whether there is even an IRS investigation, saying it is Department of Justice policy not to comment, unless charges are filed.