Gov. Bryant Breaks Down State Budget

The deadline for Mississippi lawmakers to finalize the more than 100 spending proposals has arrived. And with close to $100 million added to this year's revenue estimate, the question of where that money will go has been a hot topic. We've seen a major campaign by educators for teacher pay raises this year, and it looks like that might soon pay off... literally.

"You'll see a lot of it in education. About 60 percent, 65 percent of our budget is always spent on education," Gov. Bryant says. "A lot of that additional 100.3 million dollars will be in MAE and in education."

But Governor Bryant says there's another area that needs funding... The governor has continued to call for a new trooper school, an area that could save lives.

"I hope just as importantly a trooper school. We are desperately short, about 100 short, of highway patrolmen on the roads."

But legislators are continuing to be cautious in their spending of this money. And Gov. Bryant says funding will likely be spread out across a few different areas.

"I believe the legislature will go to support that trooper school, along with education, and then some health care needs will be met."

The deadline for the budget deal to be approved by both chambers of the Legislature is this Monday.