Government Officials Visit MSU-Meridian

More than 30 government officials from across the state visited MSU-Meridian to partake in a luncheon and learn a little bit more about the recent progress as the university.

"I've seen it grow throughout the years. Obviously, the campus is beautiful. The programs here have developed," said Representative Greg Snowden. "We have the MSU Riley Center downtown, which of course is part of MSU Meridian. It's just a wonderful thing. It's a great asset not only for Meridian or Lauderdale County, but really for all of East-central Mississippi."

The school's dean explained just how far they've come just in the past year.

Renovations like this library were a major bragging point for MSU-Meridian. But organizers say it's only through the support of these individuals that continued improvements can occur.

"If Mississippi wants to get where it needs to be, we're going to have to invest in education. I've always said that strong schools produce strong communities, and if our communities get strong, then we'll definitely have a strong economy, and that's what we need," Councilwoman Kim Houston said.

Dean Brown also said MSU-Meridian is looking to instill new programs - like kinesiology - for their students.

"It's always interesting if they're talking about new programs to be offered here on this campus," Representative Snowden said. "That, of course, requires additional resources from the state, which I guess is where we come in, but those are the sorts of things we look forward to learning as we have our discussions with them."

But they also are looking for feedback.

"These are folks that have been through processes like this very often. They understand far better than we may what the needs of the region and the state may be. Sometimes they can offer some insights and suggestions that we might not have otherwise," said Dean Steve Brown