Grant Given to Parents for Public Schools in Philadelphia

An effort to keep parents connected to their child's educational success, a $20,000 grant was given to parents for public schools by AT&T Aspire.

Parents for public schools promotes and strengthens public schools by educating, engaging, and mobilizing parents.

Co-president of the Parents for Public Schools, Philadelphia Chapter, Joey Kilgore says the grant will be spent ultimately on lowering drop out rates.

"I think statistics are very clear that a person who doesn't graduate high school is at a handicap for the rest of their lives and just getting past that hurdle is very important in finding future success," says Kilgore.

The contribution will provide achievement programming to 35 middle and high school students and their families.

"We will talk to the young people in this area and try to recruit them for this program," says Kilgore.

Mayor Young says with family involvement and encouragement, children are more likely to stay in school and excel.

AT&T regional director, C. D. Smith says AT&T is committed to helping people stay connected.

"This contribution of $20,000 for their engagement program here at Parent and Public Schools is something that we really see as an important investment in the future. It's important helping children, helping parents and helping students to realize their goals, educationally," says Smith.