Great American Smokeout and MHA

Meridian, Miss.
As part of the Great American Smokeout, officials met with the with the Meridian Housing Authority's Tenant Association for a lunch-n-learn session.

Speakers relayed the dangers of smoking as a potential fire hazard and a health risk for tenants.

The Mississippi Tobacco Quitline provides free help for Mississippians. The Tobacco Free Coalition says this is especially important since MHA implemented a no smoking policy in April.

"We basically want to touch bases to educate them, as well as help them through the process of this change that has been infringed upon them," said Sabrina Wilson of the Mississippi Tobacco Free Coalition.

"We provide free tobacco cessation counseling for any resident in the state of Mississippi," said Alisha Cummins of the Mississippi Tobacco Quitline. "We also provide NRT products, which is considered nicotine replacement therapy with the nicotine patches and the nicotine gum."

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