Great Weather Makes for Great July 4th in Meridian

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Meridian, Miss. Friday's picture-perfect weather made for an even better time at Meridian's annual Fourth of July celebration at Bonita Lakes.

People poured in early to take advantage of the exceptionally nice weather on the Fourth of July. Tents lined the grass and were filled with people enjoying their favorite holiday foods. Some chose to sit in a lounge chair with just a cooler. Perhaps the Moss family found the best spot of all, stationed right under two trees with a clear view of the lake. Everyone we spoke to had a reason for taking part in the festivities.

"We have our annual wiffle ball tournament and our annual Fourth of July event," Erin Gibson explains. "And this our 10th year, so we have these matching t-shirts."

"We came out to see the fireworks," Erika Moss exclaims. "Yeah, my baby, he's been asking for a week now to watch the fireworks, so we're out here."

Not only was it a big night for those taking part in the celebrations, it was also a big night for those working the celebrations. The Fourth of July is one of the biggest days of the year for local vendors, if not the biggest day. It's also a big day for the city of Meridian because it's a chance to attract visitors.

"They can come from all over," cultural affairs coordinator Casey Null points out. "We even have people that have called, saying I'm traveling through, what do y'all have going on. And it's great to be able to say that Meridian has this large event taking place at one of the most beautiful places that meridian has to showcase."

Meridian police officers patrolled the park on bicycles and report no major problems there. The weather helped make this a Fourth of July that many will remember for a long time to come.