Gregory Murder Investigation Continues

Although the Gregory murder case is moving slowly, the meridian police department is not losing hope that it will be solved. Lt. John Griffith says when it comes to a case like this, any movement forward is a good thing.

"What we need at this time is time to let it play out. An investigation is not something you can try to really rush," he says. "If you try to rush it, you wind up making mistakes. Some of them go quick and some of them go slow."

Discovering Chris Gregory's identity was a big boost to investigators. That crucial piece of information has allowed police to reach out to his friends and family in the area. But family members say they never imagined anyone could want to harm Gregory.

"Not out of this world, No. Never. He wasn't that type of person," Chris's parents Anthony Gregory and Sheila Smith say. "He was a loving person. All he concentrated on was working and music. And his kids, taking care of his kids."

And that leaves investigators at another roadblock. Police are still asking anyone with any information to come forward. Lt. Griffith says even small details can be crucial to solving this case.

"Even if you think it's not important or something minute," he says. "To us it may be a big deal. Sometimes just knowing that he had stopped at the store to buy a drink is important because that kind of puts us on timelines of where he was."

And Gregory's family is still pleading for those who know more to speak up and help them find closure.

"And I pray that someone in Meridian, if they know anything, to please come forward," Chris's grandmother Juanita Thomas says. "Because we need closure for this."