Group to Hold Meeting about Threefoot Building

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Meridian, Miss. Although it's one of the oldest and most historical buildings in Meridian, many view the Threefoot Building as an eyesore at best. The 16 story dilapidated building in Downtown has been mostly vacant since the mid 1990s, but a new group, the Threefoot Arts and Humanities Center wants to change that. Spokesperson for the group, Elliott Street says that he likes the idea of individuals being able to design different aspects of the building for their own space.

"There's so many open ideas as to what can go on there, that it's really a shame we don't have a way to develop it."

Street says that the Threefoot Building is one of the last buildings downtown capable of generating some tax revenue for the city since several of the downtown buildings are non-profit organizations, and things like hospitals, churches, and government offices, and those tax dollars could be a big boom for the city.

"Right now it's not earning any taxes, at least with some form of development, you are starting to pay taxes back on it. We're desperate for taxes, so this would be a way ultimately to pay your way a little bit."

While the group will present their hopes and plans for the building, they are also asking for both positive and negative feedback, as well as other ideas as to what to do with the Threefoot.

"We realize that this is not going to be an easy thing. We know it's a tough deal, and any time you're going to have governments involved, it's going to be a tough deal."

The meeting is set for this Sunday, June 2nd, at 6:00 PM at the Temple Theater. The public is invited to attend.