Gun Debate Increases Demand for Accessories

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Jackson, Miss. People are buying gun ammunition faster than stores can re-stock it. And gun control debates only trigger those sales. Now, the open carry law is adding accessories to the most-wanted list at gun shops.

"The demand has actually increased a little bit in the last month or so but we're still seeing a great shortage of ammunition,” said Todd Sarotte, manager of Van's Sporting Goods.

Bare shelves have become the norm at gun shops. The most popular are 9 millimeters and 22 long rifles.

“Primarily these shelves would be stocked completely full in any given year but now there's just drastic empty spots," Sarotte said.

Shops like these get shipments every day but in very low quantities. It has resulted in several calls with the same answer.

“We try to stock it but right now, we're out of it,” said Sarotte.

Gun owners wanting to stay current with training are running into roadblocks.

“We have been rationing pistol ammunition and 22 long rifle," Sarotte said. "Several calibers, the only time we sell a gun because we don't have that much ammunition here.”

Now, the open carry debate has sparked interest in another item. Sales have increased for retention holsters.
The idea behind them is that if you are going to open carry once the law fully takes effect, then no one can easily get the gun from you. There is a lever you have to push before you can get the gun out and have it accessible.

While many gun owners say they'll still carry concealed, there are some curious customers looking to openly carry on their hip.

“Some of these guns are kind of the most popular that people are buying that are considering carrying open because of the high capacity and the size of it,” said Sarotte.

We checked with state law enforcement and they say the ammo shortage hasn't hindered their training so far. They typically get priority on shipments and are able to order far in advance.