Gun Request Approved

As debate continues about Mississippi's Open Carry Law, Lauderdale County supervisors have approved a request for some county employees to carry a firearm while on duty. By a 4-to-1 vote, supervisors approved a request from the county's Emergency Management Director, David Sharp, for he and two other LEMA employees to carry a firearm inside their vehicles when working on a search and rescue effort. District two supervisor Wayman Newell cast the lone vote opposing the request.

"I'm against it because you've got law enforcement people out there already with weapons. You've got citizens that are assisting in the search, and I'm sure that they have weapons. I just don't think that county employees should have a weapon on them. The county handbook says that there should be no weapons on the person, on the vehicle I think it's too big of a liability."

Newell says the vote goes against policies that are in the handbook for county employees. Meanwhile, the three LEMA employees who were approved to carry a firearm have all completed the basic firearms course.