Hammon Announces Candidacy

Randy Hammon, a candidate for Ward 5 city councilman, made his official announcement Thursday.

Hammon was joined by supporters as he talked about his plans.

Hammon says the city has failed to address problems in neighborhoods. like vacant and neglected properties, which he says are fostering crime.

The Republican says he would like to see the city dedicate resources to restoring and rebuilding neglected neighborhoods.

"In 2007, we had a group which went to the city and tried to get some of these problems solved," Hammon said. "And they really didn't get solved and there was no ongoing programs so I said the only way I was going to do it is run. I got encouraged by a lot of people just to run to see if we could fix it from the inside."

Hammon is a retired from Peavey after 40 years as an electrical engineer.

Two other people are running in Ward 5, incumbent Republican Bobby Smith and Democrat John C. Harris.

A fourth candidate, Albert Emerson, dropped out of the race. Redistricting just approved by the Justice Department placed Emerson in Ward 4, instead of 5. He said that would have put him up against a lifelong friend, Craig Houston, who Emerson says will do well in serving the people of Ward 4.