Hammon Pushing for Abandoned Properties Ordinance

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Meridian, Miss. A Meridian city councilman says it is time to take it to the next level when it comes to curbing crime by tackling the issue of abandoned properties.

Ward five city councilman Randy Hammon says residents need to go before members of city council and request that a set of codes and ordinances be created to deal with abandoned properties. Hammon says right now, no such policies are in place to address the issue. He tells Newscenter 11 empty structures are only a driving force for crime in the city and don't generate as much tax revenue either.

"They take away from the base of the city and that's why we're not growing as a city," Hammon believes. "That's why we don't have people living here. We have people leaving the city and that's a way to stop it."

Hammon says cities like Hattiesburg have seen success in stabilizing neighborhood through code ordinances. He says he is confident that with a new administration in place, officials can address these concerns.