Harper Addresses Immigration, Spending

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During a visit to Meridian, Congressman Gregg Harper touched on an area of concern for many Mississippians and that is immigration.

"We are also going to have major discussions on what's going to happen on immigration issues in the time to come," Harper said. "Look for Marco Rubio to probably be the leader on that discussion. You're already seeing that and if anything originates, it will originate on the Senate side."

Harper says that will impact a lot of the businesses and industry because of how it will be dealt with. Harper says Mississippians are also concerned about spending, the deficit and debt ceiling.

"You know, I don't know about y'all, but in your house you get in a little trouble if you spend more than you make," Harper said. "In Mississippi, we've been blessed with great leadership in all levels of government and guess what, we have a balanced budget."

Harper doesn't joke around when it comes to talking about the nation's stimulus bill. He tells Newscenter 11 it could have been a lot better and that Americans really didn't get the bang for their buck.

Harper has served as the U.S. Representative for Mississippi's third district since 2009.