Harper: Research Before Taking Mission Trip

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Congressman Gregg Harper says he is thrilled that local nurse Candi Dunlap has been released from a Macedonian jail.

Harper tells Newscenter 11 he has been monitoring every development in the case and says it seems like it lasted much longer than three or four weeks. Harper says the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia played a big part in keeping things under control.

But Harper says anyone planning to travel on a mission trip should do their homework first.

"It's very important that one of the things you can do before you go is you make sure you check the State Department's website and click on the country upon which you plan to visit," Harper stresses. "To make sure you are aware of what their laws, customs may be and things that you need to make sure you're aware of going in and coming out of that country."

Dunlap left Macedonia on Wednesday and it is unclear when she will return to Meridian.