Harper Talks about Jobs, Current Issues

Cong. Gregg Harper paid a visit to Meridian Community College to talk about workforce development and jobs. He was the keynote speaker for the workforce, career and technical education luncheon Friday.

"So let's think outside the box," said Harper. "Let's not settle for any mediocrity. And I know this is a crowd that excels and does the very best. And working in partnership with Meridian Community College, this city can do incredible things that we've not even dreamed about."

MCC's workforce development team works with local business and industry in Meridian and Lauderdale County to make sure their employees have the best training possible.

MCC president, Dr. Scott Elliott, says it's essential to have a well-trained workforce:

"If our people are well trained in contemporary job skills, obviously, they have a much better chance of being gainfully employed," said Elliott.

Harper also mentioned some of today's hot issues as well.

"I'm life member of the National Rifle Association and a strong proponent of our Second Amendment rights," said Harper. "And the discussion is centered on gun control and not centered on security for our children. It's not focused on what do we do about mental health issues? How do we identify that and treat that?"

Harper also spoke about abortion.

"They estimate how many babies were aborted, fifty five million," said Harper. "We have three million in Mississippi. We are also going to have major discussions on what's going to happen on immigration issues in the time to come."

Ken Dupre, the assistant dean of community development, says MCC wants to honor the stakeholders and partners.

"We do a lot of workforce training," said Dupre. "A lot of our community and technical education students come out of MCC into jobs in the community. This is a way of thanking those people for hiring our students and also for their commitment to workforce training."