Head of the Class Winners Announced

Lauderdale County, Miss.

The Education Committee of the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation recognized hard work by high school students Wednesday.

Head of the Class honorees have been chosen for all four Lauderdale County high schools.

The awards go to students who have excelled or greatly improved in their particular field of career and technical training, which can range from electrical work to early childhood education.

"I was surprised. I'm glad that my teacher recommended me. I'm happy that I have this award," said Ebonee Spinks, Highest Overall Achievement in Early Childhood education. "And it's something I want to do for the rest of my life. I was probably in middle school when I decided that I wanted to work with young children. I want to continue on and work my way into teaching second graders."

Meridian High School's Head of the Class honorees will be recognized on a separate date.

Here's a list of the Head of the Class winners announced so far:

West Lauderdale
Highest Overall: Haleigh Brown, Health Occupations 1
Most Improved: Blake Knight, Health Occupations 1

Highest Overall: Kate Sprabery, Business Fundamentals/Marketing
Most Improved: Corbin Hawker, Carpentry

Highest Overall: Bo Stephens, Ag & Natural Resources II
Most Improved: Courtney Turner, Health Science I

Highest Overall: Ebonee Spinks, Early Childhood Education II
Most Improved: Christian Espino, Career Pathway Experience