Heated Sheriff's Race in Sumter County

Livingston, Ala. When polls open Tuesday the same two candidates who faced each other in the 2010 Democratic Primary for sheriff in Sumter County and the general election will face each other again at the ballot box.

Sheriff Tyrone Clark defeated Thomas Lewis after Lewis waged a write-in campaign.

Both men worked in the past as deputies under the previous sheriff.

The two say they are confident that their individual experience and dedication will help to determine the election.

"Every homicide I've had since I was here, we've solved it," says Clark. "Over 80% of the burglary theft crime has been solved."

"I'm about the safety of the people here in Sumter County," says Lewis. "This includes the children and the senior citizens, and if they want a change, I'm that change."

Lewis says his more than 26 years overall in law enforcement make him the best candidate. Meanwhile, Clark says with crime at its lowest point in the last 25 years in Sumter County, he feels that he's still the person for the job.

"I feel confident that the voters will favor me based upon the work I've done, and that's basically what it should be about," says Clark.

Although confident about his chances, Lewis says one thing is for sure, and that is that if Tuesday's voting does not go in his favor, this time he will do something differently.

"I think tomorrow, we'll end it tomorrow. If we win it or lose it, I won't be part of a write-in," says Lewis. "I won't be part of a write-in."

Polls throughout Alabama will open Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.