Helping Feed 250 Families

Local churches, Mississippi Power, the Kemper County Sheriff's Office, and the Kemper Springs Community Center are all taking part in the Center's food service project for people in need in Kemper County. The food service started back in 1980 and has continued to provide the only source of food assistance for the residents of Kemper County.

Abner Love, president of the Kemper Springs Community Center tells us, "Well, we saw a need. It is our mission here at the Community Center to improve the quality of life for all the citizens of our area, so we believe that if a child is going to school hungry, he's not going to learn well, so we set out to do something about it."

With Mississippi Power working in Kemper County, officials wanted to make sure the residents know that the service provider is also looking out for the people in the community.

Verdell Hawkins, community affairs manager for Mississippi Power explains, "We were approached by many community leaders, Senator Sampson Jackson and others in this area, to make sure we invested in the community as well as investing in the physical infrastructure at the plant site, so when we heard about this event, we thought it was very important for us to get involved. We're very involved in other parts of our service territory, and we wanted to show the folks of Kemper County that we're concerned about them as well."

Each one of the agencies donated money, time, and manpower to help serve 250 families just in time for Christmas. Elected officials want to make sure that the people they serve have what they need to enjoy the holidays, and this is a way they can give back.

Sheriff James Moore says, "If you're about anything, especially when you can help someone, it should give you a very good feeling that you helped, so at the end of the day, after all is done, you can look back and say that you were able to help somebody who was down."

Families will pick up their boxes starting at 9am Saturday.