Helping Typhoon Haiyan Victims

It was a typhoon that ravaged the Philippines. And the world could do little more than look on with horror. Jamie Ainsworth especially felt the impact of the devastation after just returning from a mission trip in the country.

"Having seen what they live in, and I don't want to portray them as a sad country because they're not. They're very happy and precious people. But they are poor," Ainsworth said. "They still live in a lot of poverty, so I knew they couldn't get it out of there."

But her passion for the people doesn't end there. She and her husband were so touched by what they saw, they decided to adopt a Filipino baby.

"He saw what was going on around me firsthand," said Ainsworth of her husband. "I came home, and I hadn't been home but a couple of days, and he said, 'how do we get one of those kids?'"

Ainsworth says she now feels a responsibility toward helping the people. And this is the time everyone can contribute. Red Cross says cash donations are the best way to provide some relief. Every little bit goes toward just the basic necessities for survival.

"We are calling for your help. If possible, please bring us food. We don't have anything to eat," a Filipino woman cried out.

Local chapter officials say there's one reason in particular people in our area should want to help.

"In Mississippi particularly on the gulf coast, we know what they're going through or we have some idea what they're going through. And we know how the world reached out to us when we were affected by Katrina and the disasters that have hit us," said Linda Lauderdale, Red Cross Chapter Executive.

Lauderdale says this is an opportunity for us to give back just as so many people reached out to us in our time of need.

"But the bottom line is, we're called to help those people, and if that's our calling, we just need to do it," Ainsworth said.

If you'd like to help typhoon victims by donating to the Red Cross, you can go to their website Or call their national toll free number 866-389-4652. If you'd like to talk to someone locally, you can call 601-485-5151.