High Education Standards Likely to Continue

Education is always an important emphasis when the economy tightens, and that is especially true in this downturn. In fact, the high education standards seen in many fields may continue for years to come.

"And, I think the trend as the job market becomes even more competitive is to require more and more education and more and more credentials to set yourself apart, to make yourself stand out from the rest of the group," Dr. Julia Porter from MSU Meridian says.

One area of education that is expected to grow in the next few years is community college professors. MSU Meridian offers a degree in teaching that does not require a Bachelor's in Education to be able to teach college level classes.

"I think we will see even more growth in the Master of Arts in Teaching Community College Education because we have an aging population in the faculty positions in a lot of the community colleges, and we are being told overall that that will be a growth area in the future," she adds.

The learning doesn't have to stop at the Master's level, as MSU Meridian also has a Ph.D. for those looking to advance at the community college level.

"If they wanted to go on and pursue a Ph.D. beyond the Master's, there is a Ph.D. in Community College Leadership, and we have some students in this area who are currently working on that degree," Porter notes.

For more information on either degree, stop by the College Park Campus or visit their website at www.meridian.msstate.edu.