High Speed Chase Leaves Two in Custody

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Clarke County, Miss. Police cars swarmed Highway 145 just south of Highway 514 in Clarke County this afternoon, after Sergeant Andy West says a routine traffic stop turned into a high speed chase. The chase lasted for about 15 miles where at times speeds were up to 80 miles an hour. West tells me during the traffic stop the driver of the vehicle was asked to show his license and when he couldn't he was asked to pull over to the side of the road, at that time the individual fled.

"The pursuit ensued there and continued into the northern part of Clarke County where it ended on Highway 145 just south of the intersection of 514," said Sergeant West. "The driver and the passenger are currently being held for the investigation of the possession of a controlled substance."

The driver of the vehicle who was 37-year-old Benjamin Owen Milstead, faces charges that include; Failure to yield to blue lights, a suspended license, and possession of a controlled substance. The highway patrol says they have increased checkpoints across the area to combat issues such as this. They are continually looking for traffic violations and drugs to keep the road safe.

"We're trying to heighten our presence," said Sergeant West. "We're confident in these checkpoints, this is the result of them. We're getting DUIs, we're getting numerous traffic violations from it."

The highway patrol says that no one was injured or wrecked during the high speed chase. The two individuals in custody are currently being held in the Clarke County Jail. The passenger in the vehicle, 42-year-old Tonya Ford, is also facing drug charges.