Highland Park Packed for Easter Egg Hunt

Over 3,000 eggs were hidden across highland park Saturday morning for the city's annual Easter egg hunt.

Many of those eggs had tickets for prizes ranging from free rides on the carousel to a bicycle and big-wheel. Kids ages three to ten came out to participate, and organizers say each year, they see more and more.

"Like I told everybody, it's pretty much controlled chaos with kids. They come out here, they have a good time, they're jumping all around. I try to get them to be still for 15 seconds, just let them go and act like a kid," recreation program supervisor Brandon Bridges says.

Mayor Percy Bland also came out to take part in the fun.

"Fun day at the park, Easter Egg hunt right here at Highland Park, had a lot of people out, had a lot of fun, and they gave away some nice prizes, so the kids really enjoyed themselves," the mayor says.

Organizers say they're already looking forward to next year's Easter egg hunt, and they hope to have even bigger prizes.