Historic Newton Building Revived By Downtown Business

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Newton, Miss. Nestled on the corner of Church Street and Ford Avenue lies one of Newton's arguably most historic buildings. The building, which established itself as Ford's Ice Cream Company back in 1928 before closing down has recently been transformed into an antique and vintage market that is now being called Church Street Market.

"It was sitting here for several years and I was looking for something to do close by at the house and I come by here and looked around and said it's a shame that this building is going to waste," Building owner Michael Harris said. "So much history here, so many people who worked here and I said there ought to be something that somebody can do and about three days later it came up for sale."

Since the historic building has been under new ownership, the corner of Church Street has been thriving, whether it be coming to take part in an auction, purchase from the antique mall, or even take part in the local farmers market.

"A few of us gathered together and thought we wanted to support the local farmers here and local growers," Interim Chamber Director Leigh Anne Whittle said. "We also wanted to provide a place of fellowship for the community to come together and sell produce and also just be together."

The owner of the building says the sky's the limit when it comes to the future of his business, but he does have a few things in mind.

"I'd love to have a putt-putt for kids," Harris said. "I'd love to have the farmers market grow, even have produce all week long, that would be great. Eventually I would love to have a little ice cream shop here in remembrance of what Ford's Ice Cream use to be."