History Highlighted at Merrehope

Meridian, Miss.
Merrehope's connection to Meridian's Civil War Trail was celebrated Thursday, along with the 46th anniversary of the Meridian Restorations Foundation.

Rep. Greg Snowden spoke to the crowd about the history of Sherman's march through Meridian, which began 150 years ago Friday.

Historian Fonda Rush talked about the history of Merrehope, including the cottage area which just opened for people to tour.

The cottage is the part of Merrehope that existed in the 1860s and did not get burned by Sherman.

"Now we are validating the fact that this is a very important and very significant part of Mississippi history and a very important part of Meridian's history," said Betty Lou Jones of the Meridian Restorations Foundation. "Sherman didn't burn us. We do exist. It took 26 days for us to rebuild and now we are still here 150 years later."

A reception followed the presentation with Britt Gully and Scott McQuaig playing songs of the South.