'Hit Man' Scam

'It is a method where people are trying to get some money out of you, that's exactly what it is.'

Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun is talking about an e-mail that's now circulating in Lauderdale County. Within recent weeks at least three residents have received it.

Excerpts of it read as follows: 'You do not need to know who I am or where I come from. I was paid in advance of $60,000 to kill you.' It further states that, 'I am more than five days on the mission and I have known your house and every of your moves both day and night.' Given the letter's poor grammar and other components about it,, Calhoun says the e-mail is completely bogus!

'Many of these individuals who do these types of scams aren't even in our country,' says Calhoun. 'We're seeing more and more on the Internet where individuals can be in another country on the other side of the world and be sending you this. Actually, they're sending out thousands of these. They don't know you. They're not here. They're not watching you. They're simply hoping for the few people who will be scared enough that they will respond by sending the money to them."

In the e-mail that's now circulating, the sender is requesting thousands of dollars to ultimately not harm the person who receives it. Although some scams of this nature are still sent through the postal service, Calhoun says there's a steady increase in these type scams over the Internet.

'The Internet of course gives individuals who do this type of thing, they can go to a lot more people, a lot quicker. For them it is a lot safer.'

Calhoun is advising anyone who receives suspicious mail over the Internet or in the mailbox to contact the appropriate authorities and to never send money if requested.

To file an official complaint about a scam over the Internet log onto ic3.gov. To file a complaint about a scam through the mail log onto postalinspectors.uspis.gov