Holiday Shopping Rush Continues

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Even though Black Friday is technically the busiest shopping day of the year, shoppers were out in full force at Bonita Lakes Mall and Meridian Crossroads for day number two of the holiday shopping season. People from out of town and locals alike were looking for deals that many retailers promised would be available all weekend. Some started their shopping yesterday, while others waited for the crowds to die down a little bit today.

"We started at 10:00 PM, and we shopped until about 8:30, 8:45 AM the next morning, slept all day, and now we're back again for more," said Brenda Baswell of Jacksonville, AL.

Dole Altman of Lauderdale, MS says that, "I started this morning. Me and my wife and my stepbrother, we got up, came out, and found some pretty good deals on stuff, and trying to get it finished before the last minute."

Most shoppers were trying to get all of their shopping done this weekend so they can avoid the late rush closer to Christmas, but if they find a deal they can't resist they say they'll make an extra trip out.

"I'm done, but my wife still has some more shopping to do for my kids and her kids."

"We have three kids and we're almost finished with them."

"We just want to try to get through as quick as we can."

Shopping centers in Meridian and all across the country will most likely stay busy as shoppers take advantage of sales all the way up through December 24th.