Holiday Shopping Safety

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With the recent spike in crime, notably armed robberies, some people are thinking twice about stepping out after dark to do their holiday shopping. With an armed robbery outside Books-A-Million Friday night at Meridian Crossroads, shoppers are taking extra precautions to make sure that they make it home safely with their purchases. Some don't shop after dark, while others take along family and friends, or something a little more potent.

Teresa Powers says to, "Always park in a well lit area and watch where you're at. Always be aware of your surroundings." She also adds that she carries a taser.

"Normally I'm not even out at night. Normally I only shop during the day because I think the economic times have turned Meridian into a place that's a little more dangerous than it used to be, so normally I just shop in the mornings and afternoons," says Lisa Powers of Meridian.

Coranda Thornton says to "Shop in groups. Most of the time there's four or five of us when we go shopping, so that's what we do."

Captain Dean Harper with the Meridian Police Department says that one way you can protect yourself while out shopping is to conceal your purchases.

"Look back through your car window and make sure that if you couldn't put that package in the trunk, that you at least covered it with something. If you leave something out in plain view in your car, there's a good chance that when you come back, it's not going to be there.