Homeless Families Find Temporary Residence

The People's Charity Clinic has all its homeless families and children off the streets for just a little while longer. Director Christie Rainer says they were able to work out a discounted weekly rate at a local motel.

"It's a social problem, it's an economic problem, and it's a humanitarian problem, and we have to do something," she says. "The problem is big. For a city this size, who would have ever thought that we would be here. The problem is I know there's more out there."

It's a very temporary solution. And it's not completely solved yet. Rainer says the entire cost to put up these families for a week will be $5,000. While they've been able to front a small amount of that money, they're still lacking over $3,000 to fund it completely.

"I went and got out my last $1,400. That's what I had this morning. To give to the motel to stretch it as far as I can while I come up with the money. I have all the confidence in the world with the community support we've been getting that our prayers will be answered. I give this to a higher power. It's not me. So I know that this will be taken care of. "

Although this is by no means a long-term solution, Rainer says the clinic is setting up a conference room at the motel to hold after-school tutoring and get mothers into various counseling or GED programs. The clinic still need help from the community to move forward with this cause.

"A lot of things I get is it's not the city's problem, it's not the church's problem, it's not this problem. My thing is it's everybody's problem," she says. "This is our problem."

But for at least one more night, these families will have a roof over their heads.

If you'd like to help in any way, call the People's Charity at (601) 917-2673 or (601) 482-8442.