Homeowners Urged to Prepare for Bitter Cold

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Meridian, Miss. With the coldest weather so far this year set to impact our area next week, many are concerned about how prepared they should be to deal with such bitterly cold temperatures. We're talking about temperatures that could be in the single digits in some locations, and possibly cause pipes to burst as well.

"Well the best thing to do is to make sure that the pipes are wrapped, faucets are covered," Broadmoor Home Center manager Greg Ray says. "Faucet covers are beginning to sell out all over town from what I understand, so if you can't get a faucet cover, let the faucets drip to keep them from freezing."

Another way to keep old man winter from impacting our homes during this cold spell is to properly prepare our doors and windows.

"Well you can use weather stripping around doors and windows," Ray encourages. "There's also foam insulation that's self adhesive, and there are numerous different types that are available and those will certainly help keep the cold drafts out."

Many homeowners are concerned that it could cost them a lot of money to prepare for the cold, but Ray says it's inexpensive to get pipe covers and insulation. In the end, he says not preparing at all could cost you even more.

"Its not all that expensive to buy faucet covers and pipe insulation and those sorts of things, it just runs a few dollars," Ray points out. "It saves many, many dollars in the long run from busted pipes. It can cost quite a lot of money to repair busted pipes, to get someone out and have that done. So it's much better that if you cant get those pipes wrapped to let those faucets drip so that they won't freeze."

It's also important not to forget to properly care for your outdoor pets as the extreme cold can be harmful to them.