Homestead Exemption Deadline Passes

Lauderdale County Tax Assessor James Rainey says extra efforts were made this year to make sure everyone who Is eligible for homestead exemption had signed up for it.

Monday was the deadline to register for the exemption, which gives homeowners considerable tax savings on their primary place of residence.

Rainey says his office has been open extra hours over the last couple of months getting people signed up.

"This year is the first year we've implemented being open on Saturdays," said Rainey. "We had three Saturdays when we were open. One Saturday per month to assist the people of Meridian and Lauderdale County."

If you missed the deadline, there is nothing you can do it about it for this year. But you may sign up for it next year, from January through the end of March, at your tax assessor's office.

If you previously did so, and there have been no changes in your address or status, you don't have to register again. In those cases, it carries over from year to year.