Hood Offers Advice to Foreclosure Victims

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Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is in the middle of a statewide tour that is part of his "Foreclosure Prevention Consortium." It is designed to provide free counseling and legal assistance to struggling homeowners in the state of Mississippi.

Hood says the meeting was also a way to remind homeowners of the January 18th claims deadline for those qualified for foreclosure payment under the National Mortgage Settlement with the nation's five largest mortgage providers, in which Hood says Mississippi received more than $13 million to assist with the foreclosure crisis and to prevent foreclosures.

"The offenses committed by these banks on Mississippi citizens wasn't as high," Hood says. "But the acts that these banks committed by making these investments and packaging these mortgages when they knew they were bad. And so many people invested. These banks caused our whole economy to collapse."

For questions or concerns regarding foreclosures, call the toll free hotline at 1-866-530-9572.