Hopkins' Attorney Reacts to Dash Cam Video

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Meridian, Miss. The attorney for former Meridian police detective, Don Hopkins, maintains his client shot in self defense after he says a suspect, Saber Clayton Knott, drove directly towards Hopkins.

Hopkins was fired from the police department, officials say, for his actions in this incident. Hopkins' appeal hearing with the Meridian Civil Service Commission has been delayed multiple times since then.

Hopkins attorney, Bill Ready, Jr., says as you view the video, Knott's SUV is blocking Hopkins and his vehicle. But Ready says Hopkins was standing at the back of his car, with his gun drawn, ordering Knott to exit his vehicle.

Ready says prior to the shooting, Hopkins notified dispatch to put him on duty and that Hopkins followed a marked patrol car with lights and sirens during the chase.

The dash cam was in a uniformed officer's vehicle. Ready says Hopkins was essentially backing up that officer, following that officer as he pursued Knott, and radioing dispatch of their location as the chase progressed.

"So, the shooting did not start like the city and the chief is trying to claim," Ready says. "Detective Hopkins shot in self defense because Knott was driving straight at him with the first two shots. Cause you can hear shots, then pause, and then three more shots. And three, the last three shots, is when you see Detective Hopkins come into the dash board cam because the SUV has, you know, pulled far enough away, he's out, he's not blocking the view of Detective Hopkins at the end of his car."

Ready says he requested the dash cam video in August 2013 and to the best of his memory, he received it sometime in December 2013.