Hosemann Talking Voter ID Around State

Meridian, Miss. Mississippi's Secretary of State is traveling the state to talk about the state's new voter ID law. Showing a photo ID at the polls will be a requirement for the first time in the state June 3 when primaries are conducted.

Delbert Hosemann addressed the Meridian Rotary Club about the law. He also visited the circuit clerk's office and said he is pleased with the way things are running there.

Hosemann said Mississippi is approaching the 1,000 mark for IDs that have been issued specifically for voting.

"On election day, you will have to have an ID. Every person, including me, will be asked to show their ID when they show up to cast a ballot," said Hosemann. "So if you don't have it in your purse or your wallet or in your truck, you need to bring it in with you. And even if you don't bring it with you, you can still get an ID issued at the circuit clerk's office."

Anyone who needs a free voter ID may get a ride, free of charge, to your local circuit clerk's office to obtain one by calling 1-844-MS-VOTER, which is 1-844-678-6837.