Hosemann Examines Special Election Absentee Votes

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Hattiesburg, Miss.

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is examining absentee ballots from Hattiesburg's recent special election. The review will not change the outcome of the election.

Incumbent Democrat Johnny DuPree won a fourth term by 202 votes over challenger Dave Ware, after the initial vote was thrown out.

The Hattiesburg American reported that the examination could help Hosemann, a Republican, push for changes in how elections are administered. Such changes could include more training of poll workers, election commissioners and other officials charged with the distributing, handling and accepting ballots. It could also bolster proposals to change how absentee ballots are handled.

Hosemann's office had issued an earlier report indicating problems with the election, but said state officials had limited power to intervene because elections are run locally.